• "Democrats Get Creative with their Attack Ads" National Journal

  • "A stunning come-from-behind victory" Washington Post

  • "Interesting and visually compelling" Daily Kos

we persuade people.

We help win elections and shift public opinion — for Democratic candidates, independent expenditures, ballot initiative campaigns, advocacy coalitions and nonprofits.

We wear many hats for our clients: strategists and sounding boards, creators and collaborators.

Award-winning ads for TV, radio, digital & outdoor

But in the end, our most important job is to grab an audience by the heart and make an argument that moves them. For us, that typically means creating high-impact advertising & video content – including TV, radio, digital, and mobile.

Candidates, IE's, Initiatives & Advocacy

It means telling stories that engage viewers and execute a strategy.  It means respecting our audience, and refusing to settle for conventional wisdom or tired clichés, or ads that look like cheesy infomercials.

We’ve worked in over 40 states, from the top of the ticket to the back of the ballot, in competitive primaries and bruising general elections.

But don’t take our word for it. Please take a look at our work, and judge for yourself.

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