State Legislative

Working for candidates and IE’s, we’ve helped Democrats win state legislative races all across the country.

Scott Sifton

State Senator – Missouri

With a strong positive campaign, we helped Scott Sifton withstand a GOP wave in Missouri in 2016.

Alyson Huber

State Assemblymember – California

When Republicans targeted Huber for defeat in her conservative district, we aggressively defined Huber’s opponent and then showed voters how Huber was fighting for them in Sacramento.

Josh Newman

State Senator – California

An open seat in the traditional Republican stronghold of Orange County, this was a prime pickup opportunity for Democrats in 2016. To hold the seat, the GOP outspent us 2:1. But with a mix of positive and negative TV ad in English and Mandarin, Newman came from behind to win a major upset – and give Democrats the super-majority in the State Senate.

Manuel Perez

State Assemblymember – California

When Democrats had a rare opportunity in a rural, desert district, we created ads that helped Manuel Perez beat back GOP attacks and pick up a targeted open seat.

Bill Dodd

State Senator – California

In 2016, we were hired by an independent expenditure organization to help elect a pragmatic, moderate Democrat in this liberal northern California district. Facing a prominent liberal in both the primary and the general, we created TV & radio ads that highlighted Dodd’s unparalleled record on important progressive issues.