Our Team





Clare Gannon has spent the past decade cheerfully describing her job as a “mud slinger.” In truth, she’s managed media campaigns for members of Congress, state legislators, and leading advocacy organizations–from writing and producing TV ads to targeting audiences and maximizing resources.

Her radio, TV & digital ads range from emotional and dramatic to “attack ads that make you smile.” It’s a combination that has helped Gannon and Three Point rack up wins for Democratic officeholders and progressive causes all over the country; from Maryland’s progressive champion, Congressman Jamie Raskin, to Governor Steve Bullock’s reelection in ruby-red Montana.

Gannon takes particular pride in pushing back on the Republican agenda to undermine women’s healthcare, creating ads that bring a fresh, personal perspective to well-worn subject matter. Gannon got her start in political admaking at the firm Doak, Carrier, O’Donnell Goldman & Associates, counting herself lucky to learn from some of the best.

Prior to that, she did a tour at the DNC as Deputy National Press Secretary and served as Deputy Communications Director in her home state of Iowa for Howard Dean’s presidential campaign. After more than a decade in DC, Clare returned to the Midwest, and now lives in Chicago with a dog named cupcake, a cat named Loretta Lynn, and a husband named Jano.

Founding partner Mattis Goldman has helped elect Democrats and advance progressive causes all across the country, building Three Point into the Democrats’ “firm to watch”, according to the Capitol Hill’s Roll Call newspaper.

Called a “Democratic ad guru” by CNN, Goldman has served as a key strategist for a wide range of winning campaigns — including Montana Governor Steve Bullock, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, 12 members of Congress and 12 Attorneys General.

As a consultant to the Democratic Governors Association, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and other leading independent expenditure organizations, Goldman has created winning advertising up and down the ballot.

Goldman’s deep experience in California includes four campaigns for Governor, numerous statewide and local ballot initiatives, and over a dozen winning legislative races — including the pivotal 2016 victory that gave Democrats a super-majority in the State Senate.

In addition to campaign work, Goldman has advised a wide range of advocacy organizations and non-profits, including United Way Los Angeles, SEIU, and the Internet Association.

Until 2007, Goldman was a partner at the former Washington, DC media firm Doak, Carrier, O’Donnell, Goldman and Associates, Inc. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife Rebecca and two sons.

From beating self-funding Republicans in red states to winning multi-candidate primaries in blue ones, partner Travis Lowe has helped develop winning strategies and moving ad campaigns that have delivered big victories for Three Point clients.

Winning tough races from U.S. Senate down to local offices for candidates, progressive organizations and labor, Lowe’s ads have been recognized by The Washington Post, MSNBC, Roll Call, CNN, ABC News and others as “compelling”, “pitch-perfect” and “raising eyebrows”.

Prior to joining Three Point, Lowe led the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s Independent Expenditure program in 2012. Lowe oversaw the IE’s paid media campaigns in dozens of districts, allocating tens of millions of dollars on behalf of congressional candidates in over 50 media markets across the country. The program helped House Democrats exceed expectations by netting eight total seats, including electing sixteen new female Members, ten new Hispanic Members and four openly gay Members.

Before running the DCCC IE, Lowe served as Campaign Director for the DCCC where he oversaw the Committee’s national candidate recruitment effort for the 2011-2012 cycle. The recruitment effort helped create the most diverse caucus in history and was lauded by the press for being the most impressive class since the majority-making class under Chairman Rahm Emanuel in 2006. Lowe previously served as a campaign manager on multiple levels.

Travis and his wife Emily live in Des Moines and have two sons, Teddy & Miller.

Our creative partner Moira Studio, led by Creative Director Clemencia Herrera, knows how to build a strong visual narrative and has worked on award winning campaigns earning her an Emmy, Promax, Maven, Hatch and a Pollie for their broadcast work.

With a strong brand strategy and multicultural advertising background Herrera makes for a versatile and effective creative lead. Always looking to make “political ads that don’t look like political ads”, Herrera uses her background in commercial work to push the envelope of her craft.

Moira Studio has been involved in the brand development of press-worthy campaigns such as Governor Steve Bullock and the DCCC’s attack ads for Stewart Mills and David Young.

With over 20 years of broadcast experience, Herrera has created ads for Nat Geo Latinamerica, Univision, Galavisión, MTV and MTV2, and has been involved in advertising campaigns for Spanish and Dutch audiences. She has also been a brand strategist for different non-profit organizations such as IBA Boston, Greater Boston Latino Network, and Girl Future.